KK II is nearly upon us

Kibbo Kift is close.

Here is some more info on the people who are going to play...

Fever Dream are glorious post-punk band made up of Adrian Fleet and Sarah Lippett, Cat Loye.
They recently contributing a track and illustration to the music/art project Vostok 5 with Darren Haymen (of Hefner fame) Their song was described by Soundsxp.com as "The best track here, however, is Fever Dream’s straight-up-and-clear-the-gantry ‘Poyekhali’, a wonderfully explosive blast of uber-rhythmic post-punk." 

Norman Records said: "Also up in my choice cuts stakes is the brilliant Fever Dream. Their track is called Poyekhali and its a emotionally tinged affair. I wont give too much away. I'll just say its ace."

Listen to Poyehali here:

You can see adrian's art here: http://www.adrianfleet.com/

Glow-Wing are made up of two thirds of the art collective Nous Vous: Nicolas Burrows and William 
Edmonds along with Laurence jack Moxon Byrne.

This is there second performance at Kibbo Kift, the first being wonderful. They have talked about a new direction, so this outing at Kibbo Kift will be a first chance to hear there new songs. 
Nicolas also performs as the much loved Glaciers which can be heard here:
and William can be found harmonising with himself as Now Owl, his song Vesuvius was a highlight of the first Kibbo Kift and can be heard here:http://soundcloud.com/now-owl 

The collective Nous Vous: http://www.nousvous.eu/

Nick White is an illustrator extraordinaire. Performing along with Andrew Rae at the first Kibbo Kift his return sees him performing solo. Expect odd worlds conjured through song and a fair share of improvised lyrics. You can see his art here: http://www.thisisnickwhite.com/

Supermundane is Rob Lowe. Artist, art director, occasional writer, occasional noise maker and organiser of Kibbo Kift.

This time sees him take the stage for the second time in his life armed with a few new poems, a new instrument in the shape of a dulcetina and a foolish urge to sing.